Cynthia R. Murray


Cynthia Murray, native of Charlottesville, Virginia, is an author, motivational speaker, attorney and success and leadership expert. She gained much of her expertise from more than sixteen combined years of experience as a prosecutor and as a senior level business management professional for one of the largest and most respected global defense contractors in the United States.

In this capacity, Cynthia has negotiated and managed dozens of multiple million-dollar contracts with more than fifteen nations in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She also facilitates seminars for corporate professionals helping to improve skill sets in leadership, effective communication, change management and work-life balance.

Cynthia has encouraged and inspired diverse and multi-cultural audiences from small groups of corporate professionals and academics to auditoriums of hundreds with her engaging conference keynote speeches and training workshops in English or in Spanish.

She is author of the non-fiction, inspirational book, “Seasons of Change: Surviving and Thriving During Life’s Biggest Challenges”. Cynthia is soon to publish her widely anticipated book, “The Power of A Plan: Ten Keys to Achieving Your Goals and Winning!” due to be released this spring 2013.