Jermaine Lowery


Jermaine Lowery is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in information technology and financial services.  With expertise in network and cyber security, Jermaine excelled as an Account Executive, Consultant, and Support Technician.  In 2012, Jermaine shifted his focus to the financial services industry.  He joined the esteemed Morgan Stanley team in 2014, his mission to provide comprehensive financial solutions that enable clients to maintain their current lifestyle, plan for retirement, and create a lasting legacy. Through his financial awareness and planning services, Jermaine assists clients in achieving their lifestyle goals and embracing all stages of life.

Recognizing that different phases of life present new goals and challenges, Jermaine remains dedicated to a client-focused approach.  By employing personalized consultation, he navigates the complexities of maintaining one’s lifestyle during retirement, purchasing a home, saving for college, securing the family’s financial future, and fulfilling business needs. Leveraging both his personal experiences and the extensive resources of Morgan Stanley, Jermaine simplifies the financial lives of his clients through tailored solutions.

Originally from Washington, D.C., Jermaine takes pride in his deep roots in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. He currently resides in the historic city of Stafford VA, specifically in the Aquia Harbour community, with his family. Alongside his professional pursuits, Jermaine has a passion for technology trends in the arts, particularly music. He actively engages in community service, offering his expertise in consulting to various nonprofit and religious organizations.