Morgan Harper

RBS 2001

Morgan was born at The Ohio State University Hospital. For the first nine months of her life, she lived in a foster home before being adopted and raised on the east side of Columbus (Berwick) by a Columbus Public Schools teacher.

Morgan received financial aid to attend Columbus Academy. She developed an intense commitment to fighting inequality after seeing how opportunities open up, no matter your upbringing, once you’re equipped with resources. She later received financial aid with help from the Ron Brown Scholar Program to attend Tufts (BA), Princeton (MA) and Stanford (JD). She spent three years at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) protecting consumers against predatory lenders and most recently at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) which invests in communities that have been systematically under-resourced. She cares about nothing more than ending economic segregation—which she believe is systemic. She is convinced we need a new generation of bold leadership in Congress to ensure that her story is every child’s story regardless of the circumstances of one’s birth.

She is currently running to represent working people of Ohio’s Third Congressional District because 36 years ago, Central Ohio gave her —a newborn with an uncertain future—a chance to succeed.