Alem T. Giorgis

Hometown – Atlanta, GA
Undergrad – Yale University, BA, Anthropology
Graduate School – Fordham University School of Education, 2010, MS Chemistry
Current – Teacher, Georgia Department of Education

Alem is currently completing her post-graduate degree in chemistry, after which she hopes to earn her MD/PhD.  She plans to dedicate her career to addressing the needs of underserved communities here in the US and abroad. Raised by a single mother, Alem is one of eight children and a first generation college grad. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate school experiences, Alem won several fellowships and research grants (including the National Mellon Mays Research Grant, the Yale International Study Scholarship, New York City Teaching Fellowship, the United States Cultural Understanding & Language Fellowship, and the University System of Georgia Foundation Scholarship) which have allowed her to further cultivate her love for academia, medicine and public service. After having taught for over five years within underserved Title I public schools and at the college level, Alem has redirected her life to examine health determinants that affect the success and quality of life of students and their families. 

Alem strives to be a catalyst for change, and she continues to collaborate with fellow Ron Brown scholars on projects that address disparities in education and healthcare.