Alexander Iyabor Jr, is a senior at Stanford University studying Computer Science with a specialty in Artificial Intelligence. As a Nigerian American immigrant he believes that his family’s sacrifices, hard work, and focus on education, gave him the opportunities he needed to excel and provided him with the work ethic and love of learning that would go on to become an integral part of his personality. From a young age it was clear that Alexander had the intelligence and talent to have a significant impact on the world. Due in no small part to his insatiable love of learning, he exhibited signs of success in every stage of his early life.

Alexander has spent most of his time pursuing technological interests. In freshman year of high school his programming project categorically won first place in a competition at Georgia Tech. He participated in a nine-month digital exploration program at General Electric. He spent most of his sophomore summer researching and developing quad-copters in an internship program at Georgia Tech’s Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory. As a junior he was selected for the prestigious MITES program, an intense residential six-week summer STEM program at MIT. In his senior year of high school he completed a robotics research internship and authored a paper under Dr. Ayanna Howard at Georgia Tech’s HumAnS lab.

Since entering college, Alexander has worked on various research and industry projects including, bioinformatics for cancer research, natural language processing in app development, chatbots for childhood learning, and artificial intelligence for club sports. He’s spent part of his free time as an educational officer for Stanford’s undergraduate AI group, playing club sports such as rugby, and studying abroad at Oxford University. He plans on continuing his education into graduate school and he hopes to dedicate his career to developing technological fields that have the capacity to dramatically improve the lives’ of others.

Alexander Iyabor

Hometown – Austell, GA
Undergrad – Stanford University, Computer Science
Graduate School – Stanford University, MS, Computer Science.
Major/Academic Interest – Software Engineer, C3 AI