RBSP Board Member Media Toolkit

Welcome to the Ron Brown Scholar Program (RBSP) Board Member Media Toolkit

As a valued board member of RBSP, your voice plays a crucial role in amplifying our mission, celebrating our successes, and rallying support for our initiatives. 

This toolkit will empower you with: 

  • Quick Facts about the Scholarship and GPS and our reach
  • Useful links content about our fundraising efforts
  • Links to our social media profiles 
  • Various customizable social media templates that reflect the collective spirit of our Program and your personal connection to our work.

Together, we can extend the reach of the Ron Brown Scholar Program and create a larger impact on the lives of African American youth pursuing excellence through higher education. 

Thank you for participating in this journey and using your platform to champion our cause.

Note, if you would like a photo of a specific Scholar or event, or if you need general help, please send your request to Lincoln Barbour lbarbour@ronbrown.org


Quick Facts About RBSP

  • Number of Scholars: 634
  • Graduation Rate: 99%
  • Universities Attended: 200+
  • GPS Navigators: 6,186+
  • Ron Brown Captains: 3,182+

RBSP Media Gallery

Social Media

Whether you’re passionate about a specific initiative, inspired by our Scholars’ stories, or motivated by the impact of our community, these templates allow you to share that enthusiasm with your network in a meaningful and engaging way.

Simply choose a template that resonates with you, personalize it with your insights or experiences, and share it on your social media platforms.

Use these hashtags: #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram

Event Social Media Templates

Countdown to AJA 2024


Create excitement for the upcoming American Journey Awards, personalized with your invitation or reflection on the event’s significance.


 Counting down to the RBSP American Journey Awards on March 22! Each year, this event inspires me with stories of resilience and purpose. Don’t miss it. Details at https://ronbrown.org/aja2024/ #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram #AJA2024

General Social Media Templates

Being an RBSP Board Member


Start with a brief introduction, including your passion for the program and any personal connection to our initiatives. Follow with details about the current initiative and a call to action.


As a member of the RBSP board and a [your profession or connection], I’ve seen firsthand how scholarships transform lives. Join me in supporting the Ron Brown Scholar Program, a cause close to my heart. Learn how at https://www.ronbrown.org/ #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram

As a proud Ron Brown Scholar Program board member, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of education and mentorship. From my journey in [your field/industry], I know the value of support and opportunity. That’s why I’m deeply committed to our [specific initiative], aiming to [briefly describe initiative’s goal]. Join me in this important mission and learn how you can contribute at https://www.ronbrown.org/ Together, we can make a difference. #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram

In my time with the Ron Brown Scholar Program, I’ve seen bright futures take shape through dedication and community support. As [board member’s role], I’m inspired daily by our Scholars’ achievements and collective impact. I’m particularly excited about our upcoming [event/initiative], which promises to [briefly describe event/initiative’s impact]. I invite you to be part of this momentous occasion. Discover more about how you can support at https://www.ronbrown.org/ #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram

Why I Support RBSP


Share your unique reasons for supporting the program, linking to an initiative that exemplifies these reasons.


I support #RonBrownScholarProgram because [reason]. Its initiatives like [current initiative] show the impact we can have. See the difference at https://www.ronbrown.org/ #RBSimpact

Fundraising Call-to-Action


Show the benefits of donating and encourage your network to support your cause.


Every contribution makes a difference! Help me support more African American students on their path to success. Donate to the Ron Brown Scholar Program today and invest in a brighter tomorrow. Go to https://www.ronbrown.org/donate today! #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram

Behind the Scenes


Offer a glimpse into the work RBSP does, perhaps tied to an event or program development, and how you are involved.


Behind every RBSP event like [Event Name], there’s a story of dedication and community. Proud to be part of this journey, bringing [initiative’s goal] to life. Join us on this mission. Visit https://ronbrown.org/ for more info. #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram

Success Stories/Alumni Highlights


Focus on sharing success stories of Scholars or Alumni, personalized by your reflection on the story.


Hearing [Scholar’s Name] ‘s story reminds me why I’m part of RBSP. Their journey from [challenge] to [achievement] is why we do what we do. Discover more stories at https://ronbrown.org/ #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram

Engagement Questions


Pose questions that encourage engagement related to RBSP’s mission or initiatives and personalize them according to your interest


What does leadership mean to you? As part of the Ron Brown Scholar Program, I’ve seen leadership in many forms. I’ve watched Scholars like [Scholar Name] take the initiative by [leadership example]. Share your thoughts about leadership on this post. #RBSimpact #RonBrownScholarProgram