Brandon R. Hill

Hometown – Eden Prairie, MN
Undergrad – Stanford University, BA, Political Science and African Studies
Current – Fellow, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI); CEO, Vori.

November 4th, 2008. On this day, the spirit of a nation and the struggle of a people culminated in a grand display of perseverance and patriotism. On this day, the toil of an ancestor met redemption and the promises of a nation came to fruition. On this day, the American ideals of liberty and equality resounded from coast to coast, riding on the melody of a three word hymn: “Yes we can”. Barack Obama’s historic rise to the presidency indeed touched the hearts of millions, but it changed the world for one boy. The son of two loving parents, Brandon Hill has had support in all things he has done.

However, as a freshman in high school, he did not perform to the best of his ability. Without a definite goal, Brandon found himself studying without purpose and earning mediocre grades as a result. He was not tapping his full potential. This unmotivated track continued until the beginning of his sophomore year when Barack Obama’s election ignited Brandon’s passion and helped him to realize that his potential is limitless. In but one day, Brandon’s trajectory was realigned, placing him on his own campaign towards a presidency.

Recognized nationally for his involvements in both his school and community, Brandon is both a leader and scholar. He is the president of the Young Democrats club, an officer in his school’s National honor Society, an AP Scholar with Distinction, and a National Achievement Scholar Outstanding Participant. He is the recipient of the Minnesota State High School League ExCel Award which places him among the top 32 student-leaders in his state and is this year’s Martin Luther King Emerging Legend. Brandon’s business acumen took him to Louisville, KY where he was a top 20 finalist in the international DECA competition and his political prowess got him elected Governor of Minnesota Boys’ State. Known well as “Mr. President”, Brandon is most proud of his work with his organization, The Brotherhood.

Brandon is the president and co-founder of The Brotherhood and has taken the initiative to spark the potential of his peers. The Brotherhood is a fraternity at Eden Prairie High School dedicated to guiding minority males in unlocking their full potential and aims to defy the statistics and stereotypes that stigmatize black males in America. Now over 130 Brothers strong, The Brotherhood has changed the trajectories of many young people. Under his leadership, The Brotherhood has raised its combined GPA from a 1.90 to a 2.81.

With mettle and magnanimity, Brandon has made it his life goal to continue kindling passions and igniting possibility in young people, just as his own flame was fanned by Obama’s election. He is committed to empowering youth and changing the world in which he lives. He aspires to double major in political science and economics, then go on to pursue a Juris Doctorate before getting involved in politics. As he campaigns in the next stages of life, Brandon will never forget those stirring three words: Yes we can.