Brooke T. Solomon

Hometown – Detroit, MI
Undergrad – Howard University
Major/Academic Interest – Global/Public Health

Brooke Solomon is an activist and organizer from Detroit, Michigan graduating from the historic Lewis Cass Technical High School. Full throttle describes freshman year, as Brooke joined BuildOn , a community service organization that allows students to volunteer locally and abroad where she ventured to a remote village in Nicaragua and lived with a host family while engaging in cultural activities and physically building a school. Brooke saw inequities in the classroom and community all her life, but it was this experience that motivated her to take action.

She began her journey in activism by attending school board meetings as a student representative, to making sure that youth voices were heard by the school board when they made decisions about her education.

Her sophomore year, the Parkland shooting occurred, and the March For Our Lives movement took off. Students in Detroit don’t just worry about school shootings and mass shootings, but police violence and gang violence, too. Unsure of the resources needed to go out and organize around it. Witnessing the leadership of the Parkland teens made Brooke realize that she could bring that movement to her community, to Detroit. Brooke formed a team of three other young girls of color at school and wrote up a plan to join a national walkout. Facing backlash from the administration, they organized one of the most successful events at Cass Tech over 2500 students. Brooke’s passion for righting wrongs grew, and her next organized rally the official March For Our Lives: Detroit with over 10,000 people and elected officials from S.E. Michigan.

In 2018, she helped form Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan (DAYUM), a youth-led social justice organization. For almost two years now, Brooke has served as Chair and led grassroots work around inequality in Detroit. DAYUM has since led social justice campaigns around climate change, gun violence, and education. Brooke works hard to send the message that young people need to have a seat at the table of decision making. Currently, Brooke also serves as the State Chair of the High School Democrats of America and works on their national staff as the Diversity Director. Through this organization, she hopes to engage young people in their community and nationally to rally around democratic politics, voting, and civic service.

Brooke sees her future as a doctor fighting against healthcare disparities in marginalized communities. Her work as Chairwoman of the Board for Doctors of Tomorrow Rising (10th-12th); a mentorship program with the University of Michigan Medical School helped show her the path and inspired her to be a STEM major in college.

Ending high school just like she began, Brooke is building a pathway for young activists to lead, organize and create positive change. Brooke is thankful for all of the opportunities she has had in life as well as the many friends and family who have supported her along the way.