Caleb Lewis

Hometown – Cincinnati, OH
Undergrad – Harvard College, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Caleb Lewis has been blessed with many opportunities in his life. Born to parents who instilled in him the value of education at a young age, Caleb was pushed to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities born of his parent’s sacrifices. Among these were the advantages of attending one of the best high schools in the state of Ohio, the freedom to pursue various academic and extracurricular interests and the presence of a strong support system at home. Caleb has done his best to take advantage of every benefit he was allotted as a child, and is equally passionate about giving back to those less fortunate than himself.

Caleb is among the top 2% of his graduating class, has been recognized by the National Merit, National Achievement, National Honors and AP scholars programs for his academic excellence, is involved in various extracurricular activities within his school and is an active volunteer in his community. His interests involve reading, writing, acting and making people laugh. Though he is slightly uncomfortable writing such a self-praising biography, he would like to stress that he has so many people to thank for helping him to be in the position he is now. Although he isn’t entirely sure where he’ll be next year, he does plan to sustain both his academic success and his involvement in the three areas of service that he gave his time to in high school: assisting the elderly, the young and the sick. Through programs such as volunteer positions at a local hospital, after-school tutoring and mentoring initiatives and giving his time to a particularly rewarding program that paired him with a senior citizen couple, Caleb has felt fulfilled and humbled by his opportunities to give back.

The chance to become a Ron Brown Scholar is yet another blessing in Caleb’s life, and true to his personality, he plans to take advantage of it to the utmost degree. However, in addition to working hard academically in college, Caleb also plans to somehow use the blessing of being a Ron Brown Scholar to bless someone else. Caleb knows that to whom much is given, much is expected, and he welcomes the opportunity to live up to the expectations of his friends, family and now- the Ron Brown Foundation.