Cameron W. Drake

Hometown – Harvey, IL
Undergrad – Stanford University, BA, History
Current – Director of Engineering, Burrow

There was no surprise that Cameron immediately took to the hurdles when he began to run track in the sixth grade because he had been facing hurdles his entire life. Cameron was raised by his grandmother on Chicago’s south side along with his two brothers. A tough childhood is probably what best prepared him for the hurdles that he would face continuously throughout his life. On the outside he is a thin, athletically built track and cross country runner with a wide smile and eager eyes. Beneath the surface he is a deep thinker-one who is never intellectually satiated and is never afraid to ask any question. Those who know him best affirm that he is theatrical, an actor at heart skilled in humorous and dramatic acting. He has performed characters ranging from a powerful convincing performance of Malcolm X to a hilarious portrayal of a man that has had an affair with a goat.

Cameron is also a talker; his communications skills seem boundless. This trait is not just useful in his continuous assault of the ears of those around him, but also proved invaluable in his recent third place finish in the state of Illinois in Original Oration. Perhaps it was because he was born at 11:58 on March 31, 1988 (two minutes before April Fools’ Day) that Cameron developed such an operative sense of humor. He is a humorist whose quick wit and constant puns are a joy to those closest to him. He puts this creative humor to use when maintaining his website ( and also in his energized improvisational comedy performances.

Because Cameron attends an economically disadvantaged high school, there are plenty of hurdles for him to overcome. Not only does he conquer these hurdles with finesse, but he also helps his fellow classmates over the same hurdles. Significant cuts to school activities led Cameron to create an environmental documentary film project to give novel experiences for his fellow classmates. He is a leader who rises above the ranks of his classmates to be not only a scholar, but also an example for others to follow. Cameron’s optimistic nature and determination are traits that make him a natural-born leader. Most importantly, Cameron is a child of God, who desperately seeks a more understanding and powerful relationship with his divine father.

In 2005, Cameron was selected as a Quest scholar, one of 21 outstanding students chosen from around the nation to participate in a stimulating academic and personal growth and program at Stanford University. He has received many national and state honors for his outstanding scholastic achievements, as well as a plethora of medals for his public speaking and acting abilities. Cameron maintains his own website and a GPA of over 4.4. He is also an athlete, an all-conference, all-regional, sectional champion, state-qualifying cross-country and track runner.

Cameron continued his achievement and used all of the gifts with which God has blessed him at Stanford University in California. He completed a BA in in Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy and in Philosophy-Religious Studies in 2010.

Cameron is currently the Co-Founder, Designer, and a Developer, of Ohm Labs, Inc.