Courtney L. Wooten

Hometown – Oakland, CA
Undergrad – Stanford University, BA, Sociology
Major/Academic Interest – Artist and Freelance Editor

Winner of a National Merit Achievement Program scholarship, Telluride and “A Better Chance” scholarships, Courtney Wooten lists debate trophies, accelerated math courses, and summer programs at Stanford, Brown and Indiana Universities among her accomplishments. Teachers at the College Prep School in Oakland describe her as “a quick-thinking, perceptive individual…imbued with a buoyant spirit.”

Perhaps her indomitable spirit comes from having developed her talents in many areas. Courtney has performed as a singer and dancer, and this year produced, directed, and choreographed her own show, “Disorderly Dreams,” eight dances in the style of Martha Graham. A mainstay of the drama department, she acted in “Six Degrees of Separation,” “The Museum,” “Cabaret,” and other plays. Nor have the visual arts escaped Courtney’s notice; her exhibited works include pastels, watercolors, and pen and ink drawings.

The College Prep School saw this multi-talented individual as a wonderful role model for younger students, and chose her to lead discussion groups in the school’s new peer education program. During her senior year, Courtney served as a Freshman Educator and Co-Coordinator of the Sophomore Educator Program.

Marsha Gardner, her college counselor, writes, “Courtney wants desperately to see the world become a better place…She adds her strong voice to those who champion civil rights and equality for women.” An accomplished member of the Debate Team, Courtney loves ideological debates and argues passionately but with good humor. She goes beyond talking about issues, however. Courtney demonstrates her commitment by volunteering in political campaigns and serving as Head of the College Prep School’s Women’s Shelter Project and Project Open Hand, which provides meals to persons who are HIV positive.

Courtney says that her parents have always encouraged her “to strive to help others and to live honestly.” She attributes much of her academic and social success to her family life. Courtney will enroll at Stanford in the fall.