David Daniel

Hometown – Independence, MO
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Social Anthropology
Current – Associate, JP Morgan

David Daniel is a distinguished scholar. As a National Achievement Outstanding Participant in the top one percent of his class at William Chrisman High School in Independence, Missouri he is a seasoned student. More than a scholar, David is a respectable individual who has worked relentlessly to partake of what he refers to as “milk and honey.”

David was born into third-world conditions in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. Now an American, his insight as an immigrant has given him a unique and undying appreciation for the United States. This appreciation has fueled his desire to capture and exploit all opportunities and resources within his reach. Consequently, this desire has inspired actions that have allowed David to become a Duke TIP Scholar since 2009, a 2012 Wendy’s High School Heisman Winner, and a charismatic student who seeks to impart his knowledge to his peers.

Of the five children in the Daniel family David is the second oldest. On numerous, and prolonged, occasions it has been necessary for him to be the interim man of the house. Changing his sister Grace’s diapers, assisting his grandmother with various tasks, and runs to the grocery store have effectively developed David into a mature youth and borne in him almost sage-like wisdom. Perhaps the only aspect of David’s character that is remotely childlike is the fact that he still loves to run and jump. He has channeled this nostalgia for recess into a track career highlighted by conference championships, sectional and state qualifying performances and many medals won in long jump, triple jump and sprint relays. David strives to share his athletic passion in the same way that he strives to share his academic savvy. He is a volunteer referee for Upward Sports League and officiates children’s’ basketball games.

Helping young athletes is only one of the ways that David serves his community. Since 2009 he has been an Independence Youth Court Defense Attorney, representing juveniles charged with offences such as shoplifting and disorderly conduct. He is also currently a Youth Court Judge and presides over arraignments and trials and uses this position to help his peers understand that there are respectable alternatives to unlawful behavior.

College education is the next step for David Daniel. David will attend Harvard University to pursue studies in healthcare or business fields which will allow him to achieve tangible results and become an individual who contributes to the great value of America which makes it a country to be appreciated.