Derrick Asiedu

Hometown – Nanuet, NY
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Philosophy
Current – Esports Commentator, League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)

As an individual whose life has taught him lessons in the value of perseverance and free thought, Derrick tries to incorporate these ideals into both his thoughts and his actions. This Bronx native and Rockland County resident believes that resolve carries more weight than equivocation, that results reaffirm resolve, and that both resolve and results are integral in the functioning of everyday society. With these ideals governing his life, Derrick desires to give back to the country which has given much to him in the way of freedom and opportunity to pursue the American Dream. This is the driving influence behind his pursuit of a career in which he can effect change on a large scale. To that end, Derrick hopes to use his status as a Ron Brown Scholar to help others through a comprehensive education on financial solvency. The specific choice of hoping to help others through an education in finance is not a surprising one considering Derrick’s background and experiences. The motives behind the choice become more evident after considering that throughout his life, he has witnessed how people suffer under the brunt of poverty and observed the victimization of the uneducated as well as the inequalities inherent under the status quo.

But educating the masses on financial responsibility is not the only thing that Derrick hopes to bring to the table. His involvement in a Sony sponsored community service program that he co-founded, dubbed “Microbotics Engineering,” is a testament to his commitment to giving back. Through this program he has endeavored to give a guiding hand to help kids who otherwise might go academically astray get on the right track for success, by exciting in them an interest in cerebral pursuits. He hopes to mitigate whatever balm he can to the ills of society with whatever talents he has, and to him, Microbotics is a godsend, allowing him to interact directly with others to offer a positive influence.

On a larger scale, he is also an active orator and debater who enjoys offering and considering multiple viewpoints with an emphasis on logic, soundness of reasoning, and clear discourse. Through his various pursuits and endeavors, he hopes that he can do his part to ensure that more of us can have an equal starting point in pursuit of the American Dream.