Dylan L. Solomon

Hometown – San Diego, CA
Undergrad – Stanford University, BS, Electrical Engineering
Current – Director of Data Science, Vector Flow

One of the most important experiences in Dylan Solomon’s life has been his participation in the Elementary Institute of Science, which exposed him to both science and community service. Since its founding he has served on the youth board of this non-profit organization aimed at students who are underrepresented in the sciences. As youth chairman, he worked tirelessly to raise money for a science building that will be located in a low-income community because, he says, “”I feel responsible for providing for the children who will come after me.””

His involvement with the Elementary Institute of Science motivated Dylan to participate in the NASA SHARP Plus Program through which he spent a summer interning in the Mechanical/Civil Engineering Department at the University of New Mexico. This experience, which cemented his desire to become an engineer, in turn led to his admission to MIT’s Minority Introduction to Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Science Program. For Dylan the MIT program was valuable “”not just for the engineering aspect, but because my peers and I would argue late into the night about politics.”” Being among intellectually curious students willing to question and challenge the status quo is what he most looks forward to in college.

A four-year member of University City High School’s Science Olympiad and Academic League Teams, Dylan served as vice-president and president of the former and captain of the latter. The Science Olympiad team advanced to the state finals in three of the four years that he participated. He was also a member of the math club and webmaster of his school’s web site. A two-sport athlete, Dylan is known among his peers as “”an all-around good guy.””

His volunteer activities have revolved around science and technology. As project coordinator and curriculum team leader on the “”Gateway to Technology”” team, Dylan collaborated with University City High School teachers and administrators, student leaders, and executives from Gateway Computers to assess technology needs and design a new school technology center and curriculum.

Dylan’s interests and talents are not by any assessment limited to science and technology, however. His high school English teacher was impressed with his “”impeccable logic”” and the rapidity with which he mastered analytical writing. Praised by this same teacher as “”unusually articulate, quick-witted, and principled,”” Dylan won the National Council Of Teachers of English Writing Award. A published poet, this Stanford-bound student lists John Steinbeck, Joseph Heller, and Alan Paton among his favorite authors.