Caleb Franklin

Hometown – Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad – Harvard College AB Social Studies, 2005
Current Occupation – Founder & CEO Matter Entertainment; Founding Partner, HeyHey Global

Greatest Impact

My greatest impact to date has been driven through my founding of Matter Entertainment. Headquartered in Mumbai, Matter is a content curation and production company, specializing in crafting premium films and OTT series designed for the global Indian audience. Matter is currently in development and production on shows for leading global platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Sony, and Disney+. Matter Entertainment recently found success in other markets like Japan where we successfully produced the famous ‘Got Talent’ format in Japan – “Japan’s Got Talent” and the US where we are producing two premium series. Beyond our work in the filmed entertainment space, Matter also works with leading global companies to help them grow their business in the Indian marketplace. In this work, Matter has advised companies such as Snapchat, Newscorp, Amazon, Signal and Coca Cola among others. Through our combined work, we’ve been able to employ over 250+ excellent team members and also have been able to support great non-profits in India focused on initiatives such as empowering vulnerable children, womens rights, and access to higher education for youth.


Caleb Franklin is the founder and CEO of Matter Entertainment, a premium television and film production company with offices in Mumbai and Singapore. With a strong portfolio of clients including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon and others, Matter is at the forefront of the premium content revolution, producing high-quality films and series for audiences around the world. Matter’s literary management division also represents some of the leading authors, writers, filmmakers, and producer across Asia. 

In addition to his responsibilities at Matter, Caleb is also the founder and CEO of HeyHey where he is leading the development of a cutting-edge Web3 platform that brings together consumers, brands and entertainment IPs from around the world. With a strong presence in India, Japan, and beyond, HeyHey! is works with its brand partners to drive customer loyalty and retention through its technology platform. 

Prior to founding Matter and HeyHey, Caleb spent a decade working for the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), where he represented clients across the global landscape of media, entertainment, technology, and sports. He was also a part of the founding teams of CAA’s Middle East and India businesses and led many of the agency’s international initiatives. 

Caleb is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University, where he earned a B.A. in Social Studies with a minor in South Asian Studies. He currently lives in Mumbai with his wife Anisha.