Marjada Tucker

Hometown – Starkville, MS
Undergrad – Rice University
Graduate School – University of Mississippi Medical Center

Greatest Impact

As advocate, budding entrepreneur, and 2022 Medical School Graduate, Marjada’s greatest impact lies in the multiplicity of platforms that she has established to broaden her global footprint. Beyond the confines of her clinical duties, Marjada prioritizes mentorship and maintains the founding mission of the Northeast Mississippi Student Leadership Conference to cultivate and empower student leaders by promoting academic excellence, leadership development, and civic engagement. Moreover, her tenacity and authenticity continue to inspire underrepresented students across the globe aspiring to enter the world of medicine.


Little girls with dreams become women with vision. As early as the age of five, my dream has been to serve among the many physicians tending to the medical needs of two of the most important people in my world – my mom and baby brother. Beyond the hospital walls, they were my very first patients and primary responsibility. Caring for them instilled in me the value of hearing the patient first and discerning unspoken requests that all too often went beyond what medicine could heal. Medicine provided my family with the possibility to alter frightening health narratives and will now afford me the opportunity to fulfill my purpose. I am Marjada Faith Tucker – advocate, entrepreneur and aspiring Med Peds Physician.

I was born and raised in an impoverished community riddled with food deserts, underfunded schools, preventable disease, and inadequate access to healthcare. Thus, my perspective as a training clinician is profoundly impacted by the unique struggles of systematically oppressed and medically underserved populations. As a third-year medical student, I came to realize my unique duality—a patient advocate among colleagues and a trusted home-groomed professional among patients. In a community that readily values trust over extensive training, this versatility grounds my desire to contribute to the eradication of healthcare disparities. I seek to empower communities to strive from within. Moreover, I desire training that will prepare me to collaborate with community partners and coordinate adequate care for any presenting patient. 

As a Student Founder and CEO, I know that vision, resilience, and resourcefulness are among my greatest assets. These characteristics echo in the extra miles taken to lead educational equity conferences, tackle rigorous community-driven research, and build a thriving business as a full-time student. The same qualities I use as founder and entrepreneur are the same qualities that I am most proud to possess as an applicant. When given an obstacle, I create opportunity. When given an opportunity, I cultivate longevity. I am confident that these characteristics in addition to my courage, capacity and deeply rooted commitment to rural care will enable me to adapt well as a Med Peds physician. 

Today, I am a multifaceted woman with a vision that five-year-old me would unequivocally be proud of.  I envision leading comprehensive rural care clinics that integrate key components of patient care from social resources to strategic intervention. Ultimately, my ideal practice would encompass cradle to crown care with emphasis on key transitional periods including adolescent and geriatric medicine. I want my patients to be empowered to serve as partners in their care and to feel encouraged to evolve. Med Peds resonates with the essence of who I am—the advocate, entrepreneur, and a budding visionary in medicine.

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