Miles Johnson

Hometown – Oakland, CA
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Social Studies
Current Occupation – Global Head of Belonging Strategy and Brand, Google

Greatest Impact

One effort I’m incredibly proud of is founding Google’s Inclusive Marketing practice, which I’ve led for the past six years. Sensing an opportunity to help the company better represent the billions of people it serves, in 2018, I established inclusive marketing as a discipline. As part of this work we created detailed guidance to help marketers to create work that authentically reflects the world, trained 4000 marketers and Google’s agency partners in inclusive practices, pioneered a new system to use AI to measure Google’s creative work for representation and stereotypes, and established a network of hundreds of inclusive marketing experts who ensure Google’s creative work meets the highest standards of inclusion in front of and behind the camera. What started as a project has now grown into a movement. To drive progress across the advertising industry, in 2021 we partnered with organizations like Cannes Lions, the Geena Davis Institute, and GLAAD to share everything Google learned in an open source toolkit at Today, this toolkit is widely regarded as the best-in-class resource for the industry and is visited hundreds of thousands of times per year by the world’s largest brands and advertising agencies. We continue to unlock new possibilities to make these insights even more helpful with AI and are excited about what the future will hold.


Miles is a lover of plants and people with a loud easy laugh and a tendency to get lost in books. He grew up in Oakland, CA, lives in New York City, and sorts out his thinking through writing. Miles is the head of Belonging Strategy and Brand at Google,  where he drives forward Google’s work to build an accessible world where everyone can belong. An evolution of Google’s long standing DEI efforts, Miles and his team lead a holistic company strategy to build belonging where Google can have the greatest impact: at work, in products, and in society through internal activations, product marketing, brand storytelling and partnerships, and industry engagement. This is a global effort, and focuses on tackling barriers and spreading joy across key issues like racial equity, disability inclusion, gender equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and veteran inclusion.

 As part of this work, Miles leads Google’s Inclusive Marketing efforts, where he helps Google and the advertising industry share creative work that authentically reflects the diversity of our world.

 Before his current role, Miles spent many years launching products and leading Brand Strategy at Google, where he shaped Google’s story on sustainability, health, philanthropy, and computer science education.

Mostly though, Miles wakes up every morning feeling that much luckier to be able to work on getting us all closer to a world where no one is left out and we all have what we need to thrive.

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