Sarah LaBrie

Hometown – Oakland, CA
Undergrad – Brown University, BA, Comparative Literature
Graduate School – New York University, 2013, MFA
Current Occupation – Writer

Greatest Impact

I save dogs from being euthanized in California’s overburdened shelter system. Public officials have failed the shelters here at every level. They refuse to enforce spay and neuter laws so people keep breeding dogs and dumping them. Tens of thousands of healthy dogs, including puppies, are killed for kennel space every year. Either that or they’re kept in cages and barely walked for months at a time. I visit shelters, get to know red-listed dogs’ personalities and post photos and videos everywhere so I can place them with families. I fundraise for their care, training and travel. With the help of my husband, I’ve networked almost 100 dogs that were on the red list into happy adoptive homes across the country.


Sarah LaBrie is a TV writer, memoirist and librettist. She was most recently a producer on the HBO and Starz television show, Minx. She has also written on Blindspotting (Starz), Made for Love (HBO MAX), and Love, Victor (Hulu/Disney). Her libretti have been performed at Walt Disney Concert Hall with music written by Pulitzer-prize winning composer Ellen Reid. Her fiction also appears in GuernicaThe Literary Review, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Her first book, a memoir entitled No One Gets to Fall Apart, will be published by HarperCollins this fall. Most recently, Sarah was nominated for Best Television Comedy Script at the 2024 Women’s Image Network Awards for her episode of Blindspotting, “By Hook or By Crook”.

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