Jada E. Reid

Hometown – St. Louis, MO
Undergrad – Wesleyan University

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Jada stands up, fidgeting her hands back and forth. “I want to be an artist!” Fifth grade Jada smiles, satisfied with her answer. Eighth grade Jada narrows her eyes, puts her right hand under her chin, “A New York Times Editor.” Twelfth grade Jada smiles and the answer flows from her mouth as if it was second nature, “I want to be a New York Times Best-Selling Author and an English Teacher.”

After years of figuring out what she loves doing, Jada Reid continues to be curious about the world we live in–how it works around us, and how we work inside it. Her interests have led her to love both English and Biology, subjects that explore the universe in different ways. It was amidst the chaos of her household that she found solace in writing and passion for human rights and education. Jada’s father left in her infancy, contributing to the financial burden that plagued her household. Raised by her mother and grandmother, Jada came to understand the strength and potential of women.

Her passion for writing and journaling has inspired her to reach out to others in pursuit of an inclusive, creative school environment. She co-founded her school’s Poetry Club, creating a safe space for people to share identities and ideas, along with mentoring her peers to help relieve their anxiety over essays. Her compassion for others enables her to reach out to those around her who need it. In addition to leading Poetry Club, Jada is a LEDA Scholar, Vice President of her school’s Pride Alliance, and secretary of Student Council. With access to so many skills and spaces, Jada continuously tries to encourage learning through discussions and mentoring.

Jada’s passion for understanding the world doesn’t stop at the tip of her pencil. When she isn’t working on school work or Poetry Club, she’s working with invertebrates like millipedes, mantids, silkworms, and butterflies at the St. Louis Zoo. Jada is interested in how insects function in the same way she is interested in humans, because it brings her one step closer to understanding the universe.

Jada wants to reform education, whether on a broad systemic level or inside of her own classroom. She is a dedicated intersectional feminist and envisions a well-rounded educational system in which social issues are readily discussed. As an English Teacher she will implement deep discussions around human frailty and identity. She embodies this in Poetry Club and Pride Alliance, and plans to one day broaden these conversations by writing and teaching; she hopes to become a role model through her Young Adult Fiction writing, reaching more socioeconomically underprivileged students.

Jada ultimately wants to change the world by inspiring people to authentically learn and grow inside and outside educational settings. As Jada blossoms into self-realization, she will continue to write and help others in their pursuit of finding themselves–whether that be through a love of insects, or a love of writing.