Jamar A. Campbell

Hometown – Aurora, CO
Undergrad – Northwestern University, BA, Economics and Political Science
Current – AAA

Jamar Campbell rode a bus two hours each morning from his home in Aurora to attend the Alexander Dawson School in Lafayette, Colorado. Selected for a full scholarship, Jamar transferred to the Dawson School as a sophomore. It was a wise investment on both sides.

Jamar is a Commended Scholar in the National Achievement Scholarship Program, Rotary Club Student of the Month, National Youth Law Forum nominee, and finalist for the Wal-Mart Community Service Scholarship. He earned a perfect score on the Advanced Placement exam in American history. A talented writer, Jamar was praised by his English teacher for his “astute interpretation of literature” and for helping to keep class discussions “focused and invigorating.”

Despite Jamar’s daily commute to school, he found time to play on the Dawson School’s varsity basketball team for three years, and to participate in the football club and in the Chorus. He has been active in community service projects, helping to set up community farms for the homeless in the Denver area. Jamar also volunteered as an assistant in a “web exploratory class” for middle school students for two years, and as a mentor for ninth graders. Coming from a family of eight brothers and sisters, he has had many opportunities to learn how to be a “big brother.”

Jamar attends Northwestern University where he plans to major in political science or history. His goal is to attend law school and perhaps move into politics. According to his teachers, “This seems to be a perfect goal for someone with Jamar’s blend of intelligence, poise, warmth, and concern for others.”