Jennifer J. Near

Hometown – Alpharetta, GA
Undergrad – Harvard College

A passionate student, advocate for social change, and future medical doctor, Jennifer Near has worked hard to achieve success despite challenges she has faced throughout her life. She is devoted to her work both academically and in her extracurriculars, and cites her dedication and tenacity as her biggest motivators through her school career. Jennifer credits her family, community, and Creator for gifting her a love of learning and passion for service.

Born and raised in Alpharetta, Georgia, Jennifer grew up with her mother always placing an emphasis on the importance of education. From a young age, she was taught that through perseverance and dedication, she can excel both academically and in her extracurricular activities and eventually impact others in her career. Although she faced many difficulties growing up, she continued to follow her mother’s advice and thrived in the face of adversity. By the time she entered high school, Jennifer had skipped two grades, earned straight A’s, and was placed in the Talented and Gifted program. Throughout high school, she has challenged herself as a student by taking the most advanced classes offered to her while pursuing her interest in the sciences. She cites her teachers as having been dedicated and caring in her classes, constantly pushing her to expand her knowledge and worldview.

Jennifer’s talents are exhibited in the awards she has received throughout her academic career, having been recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction, a QuestBridge College Prep Scholar, and a Georgia Certificate of Merit Recipient, to name a few. She is involved in many extracurricular activities at her school, from tutoring students in various subjects through her school’s National Honor Society to volunteering as a student ambassador. Outside of school, Jennifer is also involved in her community and has dedicated much of her time to service. She enjoys volunteering at her local charity, where she restocks the shelves of the food pantry, organizes the thrift store, and helps Spanish-speaking individuals order food from the charity. She mentors young girls through her church as well, and strives to set an example for them that they, too, can succeed academically and attend good colleges in order to prepare themselves for a bright future.

Jennifer has also defined herself as an activist, promoting an understanding of intersectionality throughout her community and raising money for causes such as preventing malaria and providing clean water for individuals who would otherwise not have access to it. In her free time, Jennifer loves playing guitar, reading, hiking, and spending time with her wonderful family.

Jennifer will graduate with honors from her high school to pursue an undergraduate degree in chemistry at Harvard College. She greatly appreciates her family, teachers, and school counselor for working together to help her achieve this dream. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in medicine in a desire to combine her passion for service with her interest in science.