Jeremy M. McGee

Hometown – Hampton, GA
Undergrad – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, Aerospace Engineering
Current – VP, Solutions Architecture, LeapYear Technologies

As the oldest child in a single-parent home, Jeremy has endured his share of hardships. His adolescence was fraught with frequent relocations and the passing of close family members, including his father when Jeremy was 12. Throughout such adversity he took solace in two things: his schoolwork and his close family ties. In fact, it is these that have allowed Jeremy to become a successful son, leader and student.

Though he thoroughly enjoys all of his coursework, it is clear where Jeremy’s passion lies: mathematics. As a member of the Math Team throughout high school, he has garnered awards at the local, state and regional level. Jeremy’s love of math has also led him to engage in new risks and challenges, as he taught himself Calculus during his junior year and earned a 5 on the corresponding A.P. exam. No honor was more prestigious than his selection to the 2004 Governors Honors Program as mathematics major. At the six-week residential program Jeremy was blessed with the opportunity to study with some of Georgia’s finest teachers and students, an experience he considers “life-changing,” to say the least.

Jeremy works diligently to distinguish himself both inside and outside of the classroom. He has been named a Horatio Alger National Scholarship Recipient, a National Achievement Scholar, National Merit Commended Student, Who’s Who in American High School Students, Outstanding Students of America and the National Honor Roll. Local awards that he has received include numerous mathematics competitions at the state and local level. Other distinctions include being named STAR student within his high school and receiving numerous academic awards. Jeremy does not work for the distinctions and awards, though. Instead, he is satisfied at the knowledge of having worked to the best of his abilities.

Outside of the classroom, Jeremy has assumed an array of leadership positions in extracurricular activities. His involvement ranges from President of Mundy’s Mill’s inaugural chapter of the National Honor Society, to membership in the Technology Student Association and Math Team. His most important leadership position, though, is that which he assumes in his family. As the “man of the house” he realizes his responsibility to be a role model to his younger siblings.

Jeremy also takes great pride in the act of service and relationships with community. As a volunteer camp counselor at the 2003 Arts-Us Storytelling Camp he had the chance to work with over 30 underprivileged inner-city children, instructing them in the art of African storytelling and visual arts. Jeremy’s other service projects include volunteering at the local Habitat for Humanity Chapter, where he has assisted in the planning and construction of several houses for low-income families and service at the V.A. Hospital, assisting the veterans who have sacrificed to preserve our country’s way of life.

Though he has achieved much in relatively short time, Jeremy relishes the fact that there are still many challenges to face, obstacles to overcome and people to positively impact.

Jeremy graduate from MIT in 2009 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and is currently an Associate at Bain Capital.