Jerry W. Registre

Hometown – Stony Point, NY
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Stem Cell Biology and Computer Science
Major/Academic Interest – Product Manager, Google

Jerry Registre is a dedicated scholar, tenacious young man, and compassionate individual. He was born in Haiti, immigrated to the United States at 6 years old, and raised by a single father. Jerry has no doubt in his mind that his father is the main cause of his success because of the example he provided for Jerry and his beloved older brother, Jeff, at a young age. Watching his father take on several demanding jobs, working day and night, to provide for them motivated Jerry to do his part. He dug into his studies at school and clutched every opportunity that came his way.

It was during high school that Jerry really got exposed to opportunities for getting involved outside the classroom. Although he had a late start, he worked diligently to improve himself in all aspects. Jerry is now an active debater and president of his school’s debate team, and he holds several regional titles. He has been on the swim team all throughout high school and is a captain during his senior year. Jerry plays the violin in the orchestra, sings with the chorus, and has gone on to perform with the All-County and Area All State choral groups in his region. Jerry is also a member of his school’s Drama Society; he has performed in several theatrical productions, and he held the lead role in the musical Les Miserables, starring as the character Jean Valjean. In the classroom, Jerry is an AP Scholar with Distinction and in the top 1% of his graduating class. Outside of school, Jerry expresses his commitment to helping his community by volunteering at his church. He has also volunteered at the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center and taken part in his local Ambulance Youth Corp.

Jerry’s varied interests and expansive extracurricular profile serve as indicators of his curiosity, dedication, and adventurous personality and his accomplishments speak of his commitment to excellence and his constant search for personal growth.

Jerry counts himself incredibly blessed to have been recently afforded so many life changing opportunities. He is thankful for having been invited to Johns Hopkins, MIT, and Columbia during his college search, and for having been admitted into the Ron Brown Scholar Program. His acceptance to Harvard has validated all his hard work and given him a chance to change his family’s situation. Jerry is not throwing away his shot. He looks forward to the day when he can free his father of the burden he took on for the family, and he will continue to work without ceasing to achieve his goals and make the world a better place.