ohn Burton is the Founder and CEO of Citizen Strong, an organization that trains everyday citizens to do political opposition research and then deploys that research to impact federal and state elections.

John was one of the first 20 staffers hired onto Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and he continued on that once-in-a-lifetime roller coaster, joining the Transition team, then working directly for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner during the financial crisis.

After this, John spent five years at J.P. Morgan, rising to Vice President and Chief of Staff before returning to the political arena in the wake of the 2016 election – first, as Co-Founder of Daily Action, empowering over 200,000 Americans to make daily phone calls to elected officials, and then in 2018, as Founder of Citizen Strong.

Locally, John has served as Treasurer of the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, where he led a $10 million expansion that was the first of its kind in the nation to be funded primarily through federal tax credits. In his free time, he’s writing a memoir to be published by Little, Brown in 2022, eating too much ice cream and watching old episodes of Scandal but not in that order.

John graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and holds an M.B.A. from Stanford.

John A. Burton

Hometown – Miami, FL
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, History and Literature
Graduate School – Stanford University Graduate School of Business, 2012, MBA
Major/Academic Interest – Founder, Citizen Strong