Josie François was born in a small, rural town in Haiti. Most people in the town live on a few dollars a day— or less. Many are illiterate. Josie is lucky to come from a family that prizes literacy, education, compassion, and a strong work ethic. Josie has always loved learning, but it was not until she came to the U.S. that she began to think about school, education, and her future. Josie wanted to go to college and decided that she wanted to become a doctor and do mission work abroad to help those in the same situation she came from.

Josie knew that achieving all her goals, which included being accepted into a good college and being able to afford a quality college education, would take hard work and perseverance on her part, but she was up for the challenge. She is a hard worker and never backs away from a challenge. She always strives to do more, be more, and be better than she was before. She is her biggest motivator and competitor.

Josie is thankful and appreciative of all that her mother has done for her; without her mother she would not be where she is today. Her mother has always supported and taken care of Josie and her younger brother. She has always taught them that a good education is worth sacrificing for and that a college education is a must. She has always encouraged them to work hard and apply themselves in school because a good education will enable them to lift themselves out of poverty and enhance their knowledge.

Josie’s personal struggles have made Josie who she is today. They have taught her that she is a lot stronger and more capable than she may think. She no longer underestimates herself, and when others underestimate her, it does not bother her because she knows all that she has achieved and is capable of achieving. Her struggles have also taught her to never give up or get discouraged because things do get better. When the going gets tough, she stays put and works even harder to achieve her goals. Furthermore, because Josie herself has struggled, she is more empathetic towards, helpful to, and supportive of others. Overall, her struggles have made her a better person, the person she is today. Josie has come a long way, and she plans to go much further.

Josie Francois

Hometown – Oakland Park, FL
Undergrad – Harvard College, Chemistry
Graduate School – Harvard Medical School, MD
Major/Academic Interest – Psychiatry Resident, Brigham and Women’s Hospital