Julian M. Jordan

Hometown – Fort Wayne, IN
Undergrad – Brown University, BA, International Relations
Graduate School – Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2012, MBA
Current – Founder, 3rd Corner; Head of Design Research & Quantified Design, XP Inc.

Despite choosing a very demanding curriculum at the Canterbury School, Julian Jordan established himself as a regular member of the Headmaster’s (High Honor Roll) List. Praised by his teachers for his “flawless classroom performance” and “untiring efforts,” he was honored as a junior with departmental awards in biology and English and a Commended Scholar Award for academic excellence. Julian placed 10th in the state of Indiana on the National French Exam. He is Fort Wayne, Indiana’s only National Achievement Scholar this year and will move east in the fall to attend Brown University.

Julian took a senior level course in psychology as a sophomore and found it the most rewarding class in his high school career. He used his knowledge of psychology in other classes, asking penetrating questions and bringing subtle insights to his study of literature, according to his AP English teacher. To satisfy his intellectual curiosity, Julian has read widely among authors as diverse as Plato, Joseph Conrad, Ralph Ellison, and C.S. Lewis.

In his extra-curricular activities, Julian is a quiet leader who says he enjoys having an impact without necessarily being in the spotlight. That may characterize his participation on Student Council, Key Club, and the school newspaper, but it hardly describes his contribution to Canterbury’s soccer team. Julian played a central role on the team that won two consecutive state championships, and he was named State Player of the Year as a senior.

He brings the same combination of enthusiasm and modesty to community service projects. Helping inner-city youth in an after-school basketball program, or working at a summer camp run by his church, Julian demonstrates his unselfishness and compassion. His excellence as a role model for younger children may derive from the fact that, growing up in a single parent home, he has assumed considerable responsibility for his younger brother. Julian believes that the time he’s spent with Cameron has taught him that “understanding and respect are the keys to any relationship with someone you care about.”