Kara P. Hamilton Thomany

Hometown – Brooklyn, NY
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Government
Graduate School – London School of Economics, 2006, MPA Public and Economic Policy, Hunter College School of Education, 2017, MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Current – Partnership Coordinator, The Urban Assembly School for Collaborative Healthcare/NYC Department of Education

Kara Hamilton has done solitary camping, mountain-climbing, poetry writing, and has traveled to a diversity of countries from the former British Guyana and Nicaragua to Italy and France. She approaches life by taking calculated risks and pushing her limits. From Brooklyn, New York, Kara is an alumna of Harvard University and The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Kara combines a keen interest in experiencing other cultures and studying foreign languages with an enviable sense of who she is and what she believes. After graduating magna cum laude from Harvard University, she commenced a public service fellowship that funded her work as a guidance counselor at The Christian Heritage Academy, a minimal tuition school in Brooklyn, New York.

A talented writer, this young woman has been featured in anthologies of the National Library of Poetry and the Poetry Guild. The head of the Spence School’s English and World Literature program described her essays as “poignant” and “elegant.” Kara’s engagement with diversity issues saw her in Puerto Rico in her senior year of high school representing her school at the Teachers and Students of Color Conference sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools. She has also written a short play entitled “Black Enough” which was produced and directed by the Women in Color Project as part of their annual show at Harvard University in 2002.

Kara has graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science where she pursued a master’s degree in public administration. She reports that the best thing about the experience was the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world. She intends to pursue a career in politics or public policy and aspires to work for the federal government or for the United Nations.