Lisa Francois

Hometown – Albany, NY
Undergrad – Brown University, Modern Culture and Media – Production
Current – Digital Designer,

Lover of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”, underground indie music, and all languages, Lisa Francois feels the most powerful when there is a pen in her hand. She thrives in the world of poetry. Her favorite works include anything written by Spanish poet Federico Lorca and anything performed by a spoken word artist. Establishing herself as a pioneer, Lisa organized the first poetry slam at Emma Willard High School during her junior year. She then went on to create a poetry infused step team, combining the rhythmic traditions of gumboot dancers with the soulful words of her peers. Excelling academically all throughout her high school career, Lisa has earned the Junior English prize and while continues to impress her teachers with her inquisitive thinking and undeniable wit.

As she ventures off to Brown University in the fall of 2014, Lisa knows that she would not have made it this far without the support of her family and the generosity and grace of those who surround her. Lisa was born in Brooklyn, NY to two St. Lucian immigrants, and life for her has been a constant climb upwards. Watching her grow from a sassy, chubby toddler into a young educated woman, Lisa’s mother has been an integral part of her success. Every step of the way, she provided Lisa with love, spiritual guidance, and the strength to continue when giving up seemed like the only option. From birth, she instilled in Lisa the value of education and hard work, sacrificing and giving all that she had to send Lisa to the best schools. Her mother’s experiences have taught Lisa the importance of selflessness and service− two values that she will carry with her on her journey to the ends of the world and back.

Lisa is one fierce St. Lucian. Filled with ambition and overflowing with passion, she will stop at nothing to get what her heart desires. At Brown University, Lisa plans to engulf herself in the humanities, language, and political science. She aspires to one day run the political campaign of a future United States president.