Lordserious J. Watson

Hometown – Miami, FL
Undergrad – Georgia Institute of Technology, BS, Engineering
Major/Academic Interest – Founder and CEO, Serious Tutoring Services

Born in Boston into a single-parent home, Lordserious Watson decided to make his life meaningful and not become another statistic. His father, afraid of the responsibility of a child, was barely around, and with his eighteen-year-old mother trying to support him, Lordserious began life a few feet behind the starting line. His unfortunate situation, however, could not hinder the progress of this curious individual; he used his situation as motivation.

Lordserious’s natural curiosity prompted an inclination for learning, which when paired with his determination became the driving force behind his success. He was a straight-A student who scored perfect scores on nationally institutionalized tests. By his elementary graduation, the youngster was highly decorated, in and out of the classroom, with various awards and recognitions.

Lordserious, designated as an A Better Chance Scholar, carried an impressive academic record into one of the most prestigious high schools in Georgia, The Galloway School. Striving for excellence as a freshman, he found himself dissatisfied with his situation, in a predominantly white school, he was constantly faced with misconceptions of his culture by an ignorant majority. He decided to help form Sankofa, a multi-cultural organization in order to have an outlet for racial tensions. The group molded into an active support group that educated the school about race and discrimination through days full of workshops and cultural activities.

Soon after the formation of the organization, Lordserious was designated as one of the school’s Development Department Student Representatives and elected as a student representative to the school’s Student Government. He served on student government for two years, and then decided that the best way he could make a difference in the school would be by joining the school’s diversity committee. He was designated as the only student representative on the committee, and he brought to it the unique perspective that only a mature, strong-minded student could bring.

Awards followed years of recognition from peers and the school’s faculty. Lordserious received the Suwanee Book Award and the principal’s letter of commendation at the end of his junior year. That summer he attended the highly prestigious LEAD Business Program at the University of Chicago after researching protein expression and localization in ovarian cells at the Morehouse School of Medicine. He ended the summer as an A Better Chance Scholar Group Leader at the annual Midwest Orientation, and began his senior year with the notification that he had become a National Achievement Scholarship Semi-Finalist. After being selected for the anthology The Best Poets of 2001, he was declared a National Achievement Finalist.

Not only was Lordserious academically succeeding, but he had outside employment as well. The only man in his household, he took it upon himself to assume the full-time responsibility of role model to his three younger sisters.

Lordserious is the Founder and CEO of Serious Tutoring Services. Today he is a poet, scholar, motivator, and valued companion, and one can only expect great accomplishments from this up-and-coming African-American leader.