Meredith Eggers


Meredith graduated from Miami University with degrees in business and botany. She worked in human health, first in burn medicine then cardiac transplant. She started in pharmaceutical sales and stayed in the cardiac transplant space in many roles, including forming, training and managing sales organizations, developing international marketing programs, and creating physician and nursing education at a series of small cardiovascular device companies and genomics start-ups. After leaving healthcare she started a few small projects/companies but came to the realization that not having to find a way to monetize something you are excited about is much more fun, and now applies her time and enthusiasm to projects and causes that resonate with her.

Meredith served on the board of Meals on Wheels of San Francisco for six years, and continues to work to improve their annual gala, specifically the wine program.

In response to the fires in the fall of 2017, she began a project called Re-Source — committed to getting items to people who were impacted by the fires and moving household items, furniture and anything else needed from people who have it to people who need it. It was run 100% on volunteer effort and with zero overhead and served more than 200 families.

In 2018 she joined the board of WildAid, an international conservation organization focused on ending the illegal wildlife trade by focusing on consumer demand in expanding economies and educating local populations on the value of keeping endemic and endangered species alive and safe.

Together with her husband Barry, she avidly supports programs that provide mentoring and educational access, conservation of land and creatures, sustainability, and pragmatic, economically viable solutions to urgent difficult problems.

She loves animals and plants. She loves to cook and loves wine. She is obsessed with locally and sustainably grown food and supporting the farms and farmers that grow it. She loves seeing the spark of hope and drive that comes from giving a determined individual a chance to grow and learn. She loves to read and create. She loves to travel and discover the world.

She has a dog that is bigger than she is.