Mia T. Wright

Hometown – Hampton, VA
Undergrad – Harvard College

Mia Wright is the Valedictorian for Kecoughtan High School Class of 2019 in Hampton, Virginia. She is fortunate to have been able to attend the Spratley Gifted Center from 5th-8th grade, and then the Governor’s School for Science and Technology for 11th and 12th grade. She has had many wonderful teachers and mentors and would like to thank everyone for their support during her time in Hampton City Schools. She also earned a perfect composite ACT score of 36 in July, 2018.

Mia was born in Vicenza, Italy and has called both Florida and Virginia her home since then, having spent half of her life thus far in each place. Mia has always flourished academically and has loved being challenged to think outside the box. Although she has a love for several subjects in school, her favorites have been French and Mathematics. Mia took French I through French V in school and hopes to someday be able to visit France to put her french language skills to the test and to learn more about, and experience, the French culture.

Mia has stayed very busy over the years by being involved in many activities and clubs at school, as well as participating in dance and being an active member in church. This year she accepted the role of Assistant Teacher for a three and four year old tap/ballet class that meets once a week. She is a member of six honor societies, and is an officer in two of them. Mia has also enjoyed being part of her school’s scholastic bowl team for the past three years and has contributed significantly at their many competitions. In addition to her many academic activities and pursuits, Mia has been dancing since she was four years old and has been singing and acting since middle school. She is very involved in her church, in particular her youth group worship team. Mia is looking forward to becoming involved in student ministry during college, and hopes to continue dancing and teaching dance as long as possible.

Mia is planning on studying engineering in college. She has excelled in her many physics and engineering classes she has already taken at the Governor’s School and is looking forward to broadening her horizons in the engineering field. Mia is interested in specializing in biomedical engineering. She would like to contribute to the medical field and patients in need by creating medical devices and improving upon current medical devices and instruments.

Mia is very thankful for the many opportunities she has been afforded over the years, both academically and outside of school. Giving back to society is important to her and she plans to continue volunteering with children and with church. She is looking forward to going to college to further herself in the engineering field, meet new people, and experience new places and cultures.