Miles A. Johnson

Hometown – Oakland, CA
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Social Studies
Current – Head of Belonging Marketing, Google

Miles Johnson is passionate about everything that he does. Whether leading a discussion in Black Student Union or directing a play, Miles is the type of person who brings out the best in those around him. Through his love of learning and dedication to his interests, Miles has been able to accomplish a number of important things not only for himself, but for his community as a whole.

Described by his peers and teachers as compassionate, intellectual, and a guiding force in many of his classes, Miles prides himself on his ability to succeed in many areas while staying connected to the world around him. His academic success has garnered him the titles of National Achievement Scholar, Ventures Scholar, and National Merit Commended Scholar. The accomplishments that Miles is most proud of, however, stem from his extracurricular activities. Concerned by what he felt was a lack of support for African-American students at his primarily white high school, Miles took it upon himself to restart his school’s dormant Black Student Union. Relying on his experience as Sophomore Class Representative, Student Body Treasurer, and as a Peer Educator to freshmen, Miles dedicates himself to fostering unity and a network of support among the African-Americans at his school. After serving as its President during his junior and senior years, Miles is proud to say that the Black Student Union is one of the strongest organizations at his school, and one that serves an important purpose within his school’s community.

This year marks Miles’ fourth year as a member of his school’s Track and Field team, where he relishes his role as Middle Distance Captain. This year also marks his first foray into the world of directing. After performing in major roles in all four of his school’s fall drama productions, Miles was driven to direct his first play earlier in the year. The joy that comes from being able to guide actors to give their best performances has led Miles to direct a second play this spring. Because of the importance of theater in his own life, Miles has spent a month of each of the past three summers first volunteering and now working at Camp Winnarainbow, a children’s circus and performing arts camp that serves children of all income levels and backgrounds.

Each new experience that Miles has leads him to want to learn, try, and do more in the world. The skills that he has developed have taught him the importance of having diversity in all aspects of one’s life. Involving himself in different types of environments and surrounding himself with different types of people has allowed Miles to view everyone, no matter their appearance or occupation, as unique and multifaceted individuals. He plans to continue to help more children to discover their own creativity through his work in the performing arts, and no matter what his career may end up being, he knows that a central focus will be to help his community to be successful.