About the Awards

The Christopher A. Pilaro Fellowship in the Arts Award was created to honor the memory of treasured friend, Christopher Pilaro, who passed away in 2017. 

If a man’s character and value is judged by his humility, passion, and kindness towards others, it is obvious to all who knew Chris Pilaro that he was an extraordinary man.  Chris was deeply invested in the RBSP mission, offering creative ideas and assistance for growing the Program.  His giving nature, his capacity to translate needs into ideas, his enthusiasm for the Scholars, and his ability to envision the next steps needed for growth were indispensable.  In the documentary film career he pursued since the mid-1990s, Chris focused on funding disparities in American schools, and health and environmental issues, and building practices across the nation. Through freelance photography, Chris used a second visual medium to call attention to some of the critical issues facing our society.

To honor his memory, and in tribute to Chris for his commitment to the arts, the Program created the Christopher A. Pilaro Fellowship in the Arts Award. The fellowship is granted annually to a Scholar who demonstrates the dedication to the arts exemplified by Chris.