About the Awards

A treasured friend, Dr. Robert B. Binswanger passed away on March 16, 2019. A US Army veteran, civil rights activist, educator and public servant, Robert shared the Ron Brown Scholar Program’s unwavering faith in The Value of One, The Power of All.

Robert’s devotion to our community exemplified the ethic of service that defines the Ron Brown Scholar family. Robert volunteered on our National Selection Committee for nearly 20 years and worked tirelessly to help Scholars reach their full potential.  Robert cherished those around him and was in turn, cherished by those who knew him.  

The Robert Binswanger Communitarian Award established in spring of 2019 in memory of Dr. Robert B. Binswanger and will be given annually to a Scholar who exhibits the values of the life of Robert Binswanger; an extraordinary commitment to public service and improving the minds and the lives of those around them.   Scholars will also demonstrate a strong commitment to the Ron Brown Scholar community and mentorship of others within the community.