Lincoln Barbour

Digital Marketing Manager

As the newly appointed Digital Marketing Manager for the Ron Brown Scholar Program, Lincoln Barbour brings over two decades of digital expertise and an intimate familiarity with the program’s mission and history. Having designed early versions of the program’s website,  Lincoln’s involvement with the Ron Brown Scholar Program spans over 20 years, highlighting a deep-rooted commitment to advancing the cause of educational opportunities for African-American students.

Before joining the Ron Brown Scholar Program, Lincoln independently spearheaded and marketed a successful commercial photography business. This venture enabled him to become proficient in digital marketing strategies, ranging from SEO, email marketing, and social media to pay-per-click advertising and UX/UI design. Beyond technical skills, Lincoln’s entrepreneurial venture was an exercise in resilience, creativity, and collaboration, attributes that he will bring to enhance the program’s outreach.

Lincoln’s return to the Ron Brown Scholar Program is not merely professional but is deeply personal. By leveraging a wealth of digital marketing knowledge, Lincoln is eager to strengthen the program’s digital footprint, ensuring the stories of talented scholars and the program’s commitment to nurturing African-American leadership continue to resonate nationally. With a steadfast belief in the program’s ethos and a vision to match, Lincoln is excited to usher the program into a new digital era while honoring its prestigious legacy.