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Why Support the Ron Brown Scholar Program?

For nearly two decades, the Ron Brown Scholar Program has selected from a highly competitive pool of extremely talented, ambitious and determined candidates who represent the best and brightest trailblazers of our future.  Commitment to excellence, dedication to public service, ability to beat the odds and rise to the top of their communities and schools differentiates Ron Brown Scholars from their peers. To invest in a Ron Brown Scholar is to invest in a future star who will one day become your company or organization’s leader, able to overcome obstacles, develop new ideas and forge new paths. The Ron Brown Scholar Fund is a public 501(c)3 charity.

How You Can Make A Difference

Each year, there are thousands of hopeful black and African American high school students, many of whom come from challenging backgrounds, who want to attend college. Quite simply, the demand is far greater than our current resources.  The Ron Brown Scholar Program awards a limited amount of scholarships to an increasing pool of qualified applicants nationwide.  For example, in 2013, the Program received more than six thousand applications and was only able to award 19 scholarships. With your support, the Program can make a greater difference as it seeks to increase the number of scholarships it could award each year. 

With generous support from sponsors and donors like you, the Ron Brown Scholar Program can continue to:

  • Recruit the Best and the Brightest:  We capture intellectually-gifted African Americans with powerful values and characteristics and propel them into a world they may never have known.
  • Invest in our Next Generation of Leaders:  We focus on students with a keen interest in leadership, entrepreneurship, community engagement and public service – the four pillars of the late Ronald H. Brown’s legacy to uplift people of all races, cultures and ethnicities – especially our disadvantaged youth. 
  • Foster a Unique Culture of Philanthropy:  We bring together Scholars to discuss, explore and generate new ideas in a wide range of timely social topics with distinguished leaders and experts in various fields to help create common goals and identify practical approaches to solve complex social problems.
  • Provide a Safety Net:  We create a strong family bond among Scholars, program staff and partners who together provide a network of support, nurturing, counseling, friendship and camaraderie where no one falls through.
  • Do More than Write a Check:  We personalize high-touch and highly effective approaches to mentoring and guidance to uncover the Scholar’s academic and professional potential, advance their careers and prepare them for professional and community leadership roles where they make a noticeable impact.
  • Build Capacity for Success: We help Scholars develop an understanding of college affordability and financial literacy so they graduate from the top undergraduate and graduate programs in the country, make a difference as professionals and inspire other young people through their stories of success.

With your support, Ron Brown Scholars become leaders, creators and transformers in their chosen careers and professions who remain dedicated to impacting the lives of others.

Ways You Can Support the Ron Brown Scholar Program

$40,000/$10,000 annually funds the cost of one full 4-year scholarship to support a Ron Brown Scholar to be paid over four years.

$36,000 funds a year-long work experience for Ron Brown Scholars to participate in research and non-profit work.

$4,000 funds summer opportunities for Ron Brown Scholars to intern non-profit organizations, conduct community service projects or independent research. On average, one-third of our undergraduate Scholars volunteer each summer.

A special event celebrating the life journey and continuing legacy of Ronald H. Brown and honoring his lifelong commitment to service and dedication to providing opportunities for others. Three outstanding individuals are presented with the annual Ronald H. BrownAmerican Journey Award.  Sponsorship opportunities are available at different levels.

  • $3,500 – Bronze Sponsor
  • $5,000 – Silver Sponsor
  • $15,000 – Gold Sponsor
  • $25,000 – Platinum Sponsor
  • $50,000 – Diamond Sponsor

$5,000 funds a leadership experience abroad, challenging Ron Brown Scholars to excel in the global classroom.  The experience includes:

  • Direct interaction with the country’s citizens, small business owners, decision makers, powerbrokers and policy makers;
  • Interactive lessons designed to develop understanding of the national history and the evolution of the local and national economies;  Ideas on the traits of leadership across cultures and countries;
  • Development of a community service project that benefits the local community for the duration of the summer experience.

The Summer Leadership Conferences maintain connections among Scholars despite varied career goals and geographical residences. The thematic conferences gather the entire group of Scholars for professional and personal renewal. The conferences enhance the Scholars’ vision of the potential of the Ron Brown Scholar network, provide Scholars with a dynamic opportunity to bond with each other, stimulate a long-lasting and far-reaching network of referrals, support, and advice, disseminate information and challenge Scholars to set future group goals. 

Held annually in Washington, D.C. in March, the Ron Brown Scholar Selection Weekend features interviews of the scholarship finalists, the annual meeting of the RBS Alumni Association, luncheons and dinners to foster interaction between the finalists, current scholars, alumni, national leaders, and professionals. Sponsor the RBS Selection Weekend or a portion of it, including speakers; venues; dinners; and travel, lodging, and meal accommodations for the finalists. 

Sponsor local Ron Brown Scholar Program or Scholar Alumni events, which take place throughout the country during the year. Cultivation Events expand the network by holding a “Friendraiser” and introducing other potential supporters to the Program.  

Does your company match gifts? Would you like to double or triple your gift?  You can, if you or your spouse work for a matching gift company.

Join the growing list of leading companies and non-profit organizations who support the Ron Brown Scholar Program.  We work with each of our corporate partners to develop a customized support and sponsorship package.

A bequest provides the opportunity for individuals to designate a specific sum or percentage of their estate to The Ron Brown Scholar Fund in your will.

Donating a portion of your retirement plan provides the opportunity for individuals to designate the Ron Brown Scholar Fund as the beneficiary of the remainder of their retirement account upon their death. This may lessen estate taxes.

An alternative to cash is a gift of appreciated securities which can offer income tax benefits, as well as savings on capital gains.

Gifts in Kind overs a wide range of items, including art works, books and manuscripts, computer equipment and software, and furniture. They are declared “in kind” gifts and carry with them the declared value that the donor assesses at the time the gift is made.

Contact us about including the Ron Brown Scholar Program in your estate plan or to find out about other creative planned giving options. 

Please contact Vanessa M. Evans-Grevious, Vice President ( for information about any of the giving opportunities listed above.

Our Partners Help Us Achieve Our Mission Every Day.

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