Cornerstone Research Joins the Ron Brown – Ruth and Norman Rales – Leaders Network

Cornerstone Research

We are pleased to announce Cornerstone Research as our newest partner in the Ron Brown Ruth and Normal Rales – Leaders Network. A leader in economic and financial consulting, Cornerstone Research joins our network of talented individuals and organizations committed to positive global impact.

Cornerstone Research provides economic and financial analysis and expert testimony in all phases of complex disputes and regulatory investigations. The firm works with prominent academic and industry experts to address challenging issues arising in complex business litigation.  

We look forward to introducing our students and alumni with Cornerstone Research’s eight-week summer internship program and full-time analyst roles.

The firm stands out for its impressive team of subject-matter experts working across more than thirty fields and practice areas. Cornerstone Research is known for collegiality and fosters a workplace that values trust and belonging. With strong core values in close alignment with those of the Ron Brown Scholar Program, Cornerstone Research is a welcome addition to the Ron Brown Ruth and Normal Rales family.

You can learn more about this exciting company at

Welcome, Cornerstone Research, to the Ron Brown Leaders Network!