Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Robert B. Binswanger

In our Ron Brown Scholar family, we cherish the memory of those who have profoundly impacted our community. Today, we pay tribute to a treasured friend, mentor, and advocate, Dr. Robert B. Binswanger. A man of unwavering commitment to service and education, Dr. Binswanger left an indelible mark on all who knew him.

This tribute video captures the essence of his impact. Featuring heartfelt testimonials and memories shared by Scholars and Friends who knew him personally, the video serves as a poignant reminder of his profound influence on our community.

The Robert Binswanger Communitarian Award

Dr. Binswanger’s dedication to our Scholars spanned nearly two decades, during which he served on our National Selection Committee. His wisdom, kindness, and genuine interest in the lives of our Scholars made him a beloved figure within our community. Whether mentoring Scholars at Dartmouth, where he taught for many years, or championing their aspirations on the selection committee, Dr. Binswanger epitomized the values of compassion, excellence, and selflessness.

To honor Dr. Binswanger’s extraordinary legacy, we’ve created The Robert Binswanger Communitarian Award, to be presented to a Ron Brown Scholar at our annual American Journey Awards events.

As we reflect on Dr. Binswanger’s life and legacy, let us carry forward his spirit of service and dedication to others. Join us in honoring the memory of a remarkable individual who touched the lives of so many.