Quintin Hall

Hometown – Chicago, IL
Undergrad – Vanderbilt University, Advertising and Public Relations
Current – Associate Marketing Manager, Media Team, Wal-Mart

Quintin Malik Hall, often known as Q, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He is academically accomplished, a multi-talented actor, orator, trombonist, athlete, and humanitarian. Quintin values education as a world-changer in our society. He graduated from O. A. Thorp Scholastic Academy, on the city’s northwest side, with a full scholarship to one of Chicago’s elite high schools, The Latin School of Chicago. He is a LINK UNLIMITED Scholar. LINK provides educational college preparatory opportunities for economically disadvantaged African American high school youth. He has been on the Honor Roll throughout his high school career, is an Erasmus Award recipient, a National Merit Scholarship finalist, band president and track co-captain. Quintin attended Emory University’s summer 2013 Pre-College Program for Evolutionary Biology. There he received the Dooley Award for achievement as an outstanding resident life student. Quintin’s drive and determination epitomize the statement, “Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses; it is only when you accept everything you are −and aren’t −−−that you will truly succeed.”

Quintin grew up waiting for an absentee dad. He learned not to whine about mistakes but to learn from them. He has since learned the value of forgiveness— how it opens new horizons, doors of opportunity, and allows an individual to grow and prosper. His mother, Donna Blockett, is his foundation and support. She planted and nurtured the seed that grew Quintin’s unwavering trust in and the stronghold of God in his life. She modeled the lesson that struggles develop your strengths. People laughingly remind him that in a day his mom could leave the planet at 7am, go to the moon, and be back by 12:00 pm if that’s what was needed to move him forward.

Quintin loves music. He traveled with Latin School band to Germany. Every four years the band plays concerts abroad. Quintin once stated: “Music feels like a conversation that I am having with the composer. A crescendo means we’ve hit a mutual epiphany. A tempo is our transition from a relaxed discussion to an argument. A ritardando represents a transition of topics.” Playing the trombone is his safe haven.

He has always been an advocate for helping others. Quintin believes when we are blessed we should give back. In 2011 his cousin was incarcerated, leaving behind 6 children. His mom accepted the challenge of caring for the 2 youngest. This affected Quintin’s life tremendously. Quintin accepted this challenge without complaint. He has resolved to be an active part of their lives and their positive male role model. He thinks of them as siblings, not cousins. He does not want them to have the negative experiences he had.

Quintin is excited about this new chapter in his life. He is mindful individuals can be ever so brilliant but education is the key that unlocks any door. Quintin looks forward to continuing his quest to be the best, embracing and learning from new experiences, and being a part of the cure to help someone.