Rahsaan King

Hometown – Houston, TX
Undergrad – Harvard College, Sociology and Economics
Major/Academic Interest – Founder, Students of Strength; Strategy & Operations, Analyst, Google.

Rahsaan King was born December 14, 1994 to Synithia Harvey and Rahsaan King Sr. in Northeast Houston, Texas. As a child his preferred hobbies were playing on youth sports teams and playing chess or working with his grandfather Roland King, a pantyhose retail distributer. Following in his grandfather’s entrepreneurial footsteps Rahsaan opened a couple small businesses: a summer lemonade and cool-aid stand and a retail clothing network. Though small scaled at first, this passions for entrepreneurship stuck with him and molded his future ambitions.

In seventh grade Rahsaan was afforded the opportunity to attend a college preparatory boarding school for low income students. His time at chinquapin, though rocky at first, taught him responsibility and developed his character. At chinquapin Rahsaan received a “second chance”, a chance that he took seriously and that motivated him to succeed in school and beyond.

Rahsaan is an active member on his school’s Varsity basketball and track teams, amongst other extra curriculars, and is a senior representative on the Chinquapin Student Leadership Committee. Looking forward to college, though interested in international entrepreneurship, he feels called to do more meaningful service work here in the states instead of ostensibly more lucrative work abroad. After graduation from Harvard, he hopes to obtain a higher level degree, perhaps in education, then to do public service related work in community development and education reform.

A passionate mentor, he counsels younger students and travels to give motivational speeches at Houston area public schools on behalf of a students union he piloted at his high school his junior year. He hopes to continue his mentoring initiatives throughout and after college and looks forward to new opportunities to serve those in his community and in others like it. “God has blessed me in many ways”, says King, “and I am honored to be in a position to give back.”