Saaleha Medlock

Hometown – Atlanta, GA
Undergrad – New York University, Business
Major/Academic Interest – Solutions Consultant, Google

Saaleha Medlock was born on November 3, 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up in a house with her mother, grandmother, and two sisters, Saaleha developed a strong, independent, and passionate soul.

As a young child, Saaleha excelled in the small independent schools that she attended, receiving both art and academic awards. In middle school, she decided to challenge herself further by attending Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School. It was at Holy Innocents’ where Saaleha’s character was fully developed.

During her time at Holy Innocents’, she experienced many personal struggles. However, she did not let this stop her academic and personal success. She became an advocate for social justice by taking advantage of the many opportunities given to her. She has attended No-Hate summits and actively participates in her schools’ People’s club, a club to address social justice issues. Saaleha also volunteers at the Atlanta Community Food Bank and has a leadership role in her school’s UNICEF Club, a club partnered with UNICEF that helps raise awareness and money for the company’s humanitarian and efforts to assist children and mothers across the world.

Saaleha’s passion does not stop at social justice. For two years, Saaleha has interned at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. Through interning, she grew her love for art and her love for creating. She developed a personal philosophy to always work to have a voice and let others have a voice during her time as a poetry slam host and examining her favorite artworks. Working collaboratively with her teen team at the museum is also where Saaleha began to delve into the idea of entrepreneurship.

Saaleha plans to couple her dream of entrepreneurship with her passion for creating social change. She believes creativity, understanding, and advocacy is the key to improving the issues she cares about such as poverty and hunger. Saaleha is excited to continue and grow her success in college. She maintains that she will always venture into new experiences with love, honesty, and passion.