Samere A. Reid, EdD

Hometown – West Palm Beach, FL
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Anthropology
Graduate School – University of Southern California, 2020, EdD, Organizational Change and Leadership
Current – AVP, Organizational Development, DEI, and Strategy,  AltaMed Health Services

Meet Samere Reid: an involved, assertive and passionate senior whose intellectual interests are as extensive as they are deep. Her educational and family histories find their roots in the small resort town of Montego Bay, Jamaica, where she was born and raised for most of her life. The numerous offices and plethora of activities that she has held and in which she has participated testify to her drive, enthusiasm and capacity for leadership.

Samere takes pride in having distinguished herself in both the academic and extracurricular spheres, and is avidly involved in student life at her high school, becoming President of the Key Club after being named Distinguished Secretary, helping to establish and lead the Peer Leadership club for three years: twice as president and once as vice president; vice president of the 3-P (politics/psychology/philosophy) club; vice president of the National Honor Society; being secretary of the debate club and captain of the student congress team, and treasurer for the local environmental interest club, Project Earth—and that’s just senior year. Sensing that any source of change within a society must start from the elementary levels of education, she assumed her civic responsibility by using her summer vacation to reach out to a group of orphaned and abandoned children in her home country, attempting to expand their learning experience by teaching them lessons that weren’t included in their everyday curriculum.

“Tenacious, intellectually sophisticated, and mature, Samere approaches every task with an open mind, enthusiasm and aplomb. Her poise as well as her supreme control of self and environment make her an example for her peers and an asset to any class.” This description, given after only one semester of acquaintance by her AP English teacher, speaks to Samere’s dynamic personality and academic performance. Prior to attending Suncoast, she sat 10 exit examinations administered by the Caribbean Examinations Council, each of which she passed with distinction—the highest award possible—and earned national recognition for her performance in Biology, Physics and Office Procedures. In her three years at her present high school, she has been named National Achievement Scholar, National Merit Finalist, AP Scholar with Honor, and Pathfinder Nominee for Community Involvement. She was the recipient of the Wellesley Book Award and the National Forensic League Degree of Distinction. She is also a Presidential Scholar, United States Achievement Academy All-American Scholar and has twice been named in Who’s Who Among American High School Students.

Samere attributes her achievements and motivation to the guidance, stability and encouraging environment her mother provided despite humble means. She learned early that obstacles are objects of the mind, and constantly strove to rise above any challenge placed before her in order to live the words of her personal motto—ad astra per aspera—“to the stars through hardship.” Her ambition is to achieve professional greatness in the area of health/patient law; especially employing her expertise to help under-developed nations in the belief that a life is only worth living if it helps others.