Back to School Project: Initiated by Scholars Charly Jeune and Geraldine Pierre

The purpose of this project is to provide disadvantaged Haitian youths with need based scholarships to attend school in the next school year. Only 50% of all kids in Haiti have ever attended school. The project will partner with the L’Ecole Communautaire de Port-Salut to provide full scholarships for all of its 200 students. The project will provide 200 scholarships to Haitian students who will attend L’Ecole Communautaire de Port-Salut. All 200 of those full scholarships will come from the Ron Brown Community Service Grant. The selected students would not otherwise be able to pay for school since Haiti has a 70% unemployment rate and 50% of kids never attend school because the government does not provide free public school for all kids. The students at ECP are poorer than the average student in Port-Salut.