Dr Ku McMahan

Dr. Ku McMahan (RBS 1999) Reveals Innovative Solutions That Could Transform Food Systems

In this insightful article, Dr. Ku McMahan (RBS 1999), Deputy Director of the Technical Assistance Division at the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, reflects on over a decade of managing USAID-led initiatives to address pressing agricultural challenges.

Dr. McMahan highlights their remarkable achievements in promoting sustainable agriculture and resource management by focusing on programs like Securing Water for Food (SWFF) and Water and Energy for Food (WE4F).

These initiatives have not only exceeded their expected outcomes but have also significantly impacted millions of farmers worldwide. Through lessons learned from SWFF and WE4F, Dr. McMahan emphasizes the importance of unlocking financing for SMEs, providing targeted support, prioritizing scaling efforts, recognizing the critical role of women, and making loans accessible to farmers.

The article sheds light on innovative solutions reshaping our food systems, enhancing climate resilience, and reducing emissions, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future.