The Hidden Genius Project: Initiated by Ron Brown Scholars

The Hidden Genius Project (HGP) seeks to equip underserved students with the skills they need to become productive participants in the global, 21st century workforce.  HGP operates under the premise that all students possess tremendous potential.  In order for them to realize their potential within a knowledge-based economy, students must develop 21st century skills.  These skills range from technological fluency to the abilities to effectively communicate and creatively solve problems in team-based environments.  HGP prepares students to fully participate in this new, 21st century economy by providing them with intensive training in critical life and career skills. HGP will provide Oakland black male youths with the knowledge, skills, mentors, and experiences to obtain and create technological jobs in this new, global 21st century economy.  The HGP pilot program will take place over 2 years (2012-2014). This initial program will focus on at-risk, 15 to 18-year-old black males.  These students will work with a multi-disciplinary team of primarily black young technology professionals and entrepreneurs to develop mobile applications for submission to the App Store.  During the development process, students will build skills in the areas of software development, software design, and technology entrepreneurship.  They will also hone their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and long-term planning skills. 

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