Sean graduated from Tampa Bay Technical High School in Tampa, FL. Thanks to support from family and friends like the Ron Brown Scholar Program, Sean then had the opportunity to study Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT, where he has recently completed his PhD.

While at MIT, Sean performed research on turbomachinery at the Gas Turbine Lab. This research led to the development of design methods that can be used to improve the efficiency and operability of jet engines. Furthermore, he was instrumental in fostering a collaborative relationship between the MIT Gas Turbine Lab and the Air Force Research Lab’s turbine engine division.

When not working, Sean is often involved in the sports of cross country and track and field. In addition to being a member of the MIT cross country and track teams during his undergraduate years, he was a volunteer cross country coach while in graduate school.

Sean is planning on working in industry for the next several years in order to apply what he has learned to the next generation of jet engines and land-based gas turbine power plants. Sean also hopes to help current minority engineering students manage the rigors of academic life and their introduction to scientific research.

See Sean’s video here:

Sean P. R. Nolan, PhD

Hometown – Tampa, FL
Undergrad – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, Aerospace Engineering
Graduate School – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005, MS, 2009, PhD
Major/Academic Interest – Senior Engineer, Pratt & Whitney