Sebastian B. Flores

Hometown – San Lorenzo, CA
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Economics
Current – International Growth Consultant, Google

Sebastian Flores was born to a home brimming with love, but afflicted by many of the societal pressures common to low-income households throughout the United States.  Drug abuse was perhaps the most pervasive and destructive issue, and because of this problem, his family was left without a father. However, through her own fortitude and foresight, Sebastian’s mother summoned the courage and willpower to remove herself and her four sons from this increasingly dangerous environment.  This courageous act had a profound impact on Sebastian’s life and he continues to strive for the same dedication and passion that his mother demonstrated through her commitment to her sons.

Sebastian’s penchant for reading and science was discovered at an early age as he excelled in his scholastic pursuits.  This proclivity for learning was no doubt strongly influenced not only through his family values, but also his desire to impact the world in a profound and meaningful manner.  He continued to thrive and flourish in his educational endeavors throughout high school, receiving straight A’s for all four years while taking numerous AP and Honors classes and ranking at the top of his high school’s graduating class.  Intellectual aptitude aside, Sebastian also inherited a modicum of his mother and older brother’s artistic talent, receiving various awards and honors for his work, including recognition at the Flowers Society annual Art Auction, an organization dedicated to funding research for AIDS victims.   

Throughout his life, Sebastian’s natural inclination for leadership has also been demonstrated in whatever situations he finds himself thrust into.  As President of the Bio-Tech club, co-founder and Vice-President of the Engineering Club, as well as having been an active member of student government throughout high school, his abilities as a leader have served as a vital aspect of his character.  Last summer, after working for Habitat for Humanity, Sebastian attended a leadership conference in Washington D.C. for students who had significantly impacted their communities through community service. However, Sebastian decided not to limit himself to the purely academic side of life and as a varsity athlete for cross-country and track and an avid basketball player, has branched out and taken advantage of the many opportunities afforded him.  This willingness and passion for partaking in new and innovative experiences is an essential quality that he cherishes as a boon to his success.

As Sebastian strides forward into this next phase of his life, the unknown yet promising future, he reminisces on the fact that people are defined by their actions. The experiences he’s been through, successes or otherwise, have coalesced to create an individual confident in the knowledge that he will overcome whatever trials and tribulations life puts forth and aspire to great heights.