Tracy “Ty” Moore, II

Hometown – Cincinnati, OH
Undergrad – Harvard College, AB, Classics
Current – Co-Founder & Executive Coach, VeraVis

Ty aspires to make a difference in the world, and he has done so through his service efforts. During high school summers he helps teach Latin at his school’s Castra Latina, Latin camp. He does not receive monetary payment for his work, but he is rewarded by seeing the younger students he teaches enjoy and understand the Classics as much as he. During his junior year he began giving piano lessons to underprivileged people. He continues to do so because he believes that everybody should have the opportunity to learn how to play such a wonderful instrument.

Ty is dedicated to the study of the classics, particularly Latin grammar, Latin literature, Roman history, and Roman culture. He utilizes his knowledge in these different subjects by participating in Certamen, is a Latin quiz game similar to the College Bowl. Certamen, the Latin word for “struggle” or “competition,” is a fast-paced game in which the team with the most control and knowledge wins. Ty, captaining his school team, has earned three Certamen Championships at the state level in high school. He has earned two national Certamen Championships and is now a member of the National Certamen Hall of Fame.

In addition to participating in Certamen at Latin conventions, Ty takes competitive tests and assumes leadership roles. At the National Latin Convention, which is a week-long convention held in the middle of the summer, Ty earned first place in such tests as Greek grammar, Roman history, and Roman culture. Since ninth grade Ty has ranked among the top ten scorers in every test. In eleventh and twelfth grade, he earned first-place in individual academic sweepstakes points at the Ohio Junior Classical League Convention. Ty first entered politics in ninth grade, when he ran for and was elected Second Vice President of the Ohio Junior Classical League. During his eleventh grade year, he became the first black president of the Ohio Junior Classical League.

Ty assumes many leadership roles at Summit Country Day. He attributes his leadership ability to his parents, who have had many leadership roles themselves. As a senior, he has been president of the Honor Council, a member of the Student Council Executive Board, president of the Math Club, a National Honor Society officer, and the Kairos Rector. Ty is hopeful that the leadership roles he has held in the past will help him learn how to respond to leadership in college and during the rest of his life.

Ty strives to be a well-rounded individual. He participates on Summit Country Day’s Varsity Track & Field team in long jump, the 100 and 200 meter dashes and relays. He also enjoys playing pool, classical piano music, chess, and Play Station, and meeting new people. Ty trusts that his various interests will enable him to obtain a job interacting with people of diverse backgrounds after he graduates from college.