Tristan McLaurin

Hometown – Conway, MA
Undergrad – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering
Major/Academic Interest – Mechanical Engineer, Pison

Tristan McLaurin grew up amongst the forests of Conway, Massachusetts. Even from early childhood, He displayed an interest in understanding the way things functioned. Whether he was studying insects, solving puzzles, or obsessing over the ways trains operated, Tristan was marked by his intense curiosity for the way things worked.

A motivated volunteer from a young age, Tristan began designing and supervising the local hay maze at the annual town festival from the age of seven. In addition to volunteering for his town, Tristan also volunteered in a variety of other capacities: raising money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, supervising many local events and craft shows, compiling, producing, and illustrating the Town Newsletter, writing multiple original plays, leading his Church’s Children’s Instrument Group, and managing the sorting of bottle and cans at the Conway Can Shed for recycling.

At the beginning of his enrollment in the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School, Tristan’s interest in Math and Science turned into a blazing passion. Tristan’s determination, logic, and problem–solving put him in high academic standing in all his classes–especially in Math. By the time he entered his junior year, he had taken or placed out of every Math Class his school had to offer. To continue his education, Tristan motivated his school to create a new class: BC Calculus, which culminated with his score of 5/5 on the AP BC Calculus Test. The next year he compiled units, resources, and methods of assessment for a Statistics class, and proposed the new class to the Head of the Math Department. In addition to pursuing his own education, Tristan also tutored At–Risk Seventh Graders in Math.

In addition to his Academic passions, Tristan has great interest in the Arts. Creator and Producer of the ongoing webcomic Gateway, he taught himself how to draw and how to code a website. As the sole writer, artist, and Web Developer for the comic, Tristan has produced his webcomic for five years. He also designed and created various props and scenery for his school’s plays and showcases. 

A Coach’s Assistant and member of the PVPA Mock Trial Team, Tristan has written and presented Direct Examinations, Cross Examinations, and Opening Statements before Massachusetts Judges and Lawyers. Further, he has trained new team members in content, performance, and understanding of the rules of Law. Tristan has taken the PVPA Mock Trial Team to the Massachusetts State Championship three years in a row, and brought the team to the National Competition in 2012.

Tristan’s other honors include recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Program, Team Leader of Mood’s Mega Math Challenge two years in a row, and membership in the National Society of High School Scholars. Tristan has learned a lot in his life, but he wants to know much more. To understand, to create, to solve – these are Tristan’s goals for the future.

In the fall of 2015, Tristan will attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study Engineering.