Gavin McFarland


Gavin McFarland began his career in the world of finance where he worked as a managing director Pacific EPOCH, a China equity advisory firm. Felicitously, this encouraged him to become fluent in Mandarin, studying at Middlebury Language Institute and the Taipei Language Institute in Beijing China. Prior to his work in China, Gavin was as a private wealth manager at UBS. Using his skills learned in finance, Gavin then became an entrepreneur and helped found and develop the online portals (an early desktop application) and (one of the first online medical consultation and telemedicine portals).

Film is a passion of Gavin’s and he worked as a Producer at Force Pictures. One of his most notable films was called “Tugs”, which told the story of the boats and sailors that ferry goods up and down the Hudson River. Most recently, Gavin earned his EMT license in Philadelphia where he helps keep people safe at large concerts and sporting events. Gavin graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in English.